Ginger Bianco, co-founder and drummer of
Goldie and the Gingerbreads. Rock and Roll
Hall of Fame honoree and — notfornuthin —
opened for the Stones on a tour of Europe.


  1. Alan Iverson’s Mom. What can I say? She gave me the personally autographed card, and a kiss.
  2. Al D’Amato. I said “This picture will go between my Carville and my Cuomo.” He said, “That’ll be a fucking trio.”
  3. Veronica Ventavoli. Italian Pop Singer. The voice of an angel. I did her website; my first bi-lingual site.
  4. “Dollar Bill” Bradley. I reminded him: “The Primary should be decided by jump-shots from the top of the key”
  5. Michi Fuji. Virtuoso Jazz Violinist and member of Junior Mance’s last trio
  6. Gene Krupa.  World Class Drummer. My old neighbor. I used to shag softballs for him and his friends.
  7. Eddie Carmel.  The tallest man in the world. And maybe the saddest.
  8. Johnny Petraglia, Jr.  Hall of Fame Bowler. “I wasn’t the most talented on the tour. but I was the hardest worker.”
  9. Governor Mario Cuomo. Another hero. Brilliant … and a dick. Long story available.
  10. Mariano Rivera. Yankee Closer. At the Atlanta Airport. TSA guys were scurrying around to get his autograph.
  11. Junior Mance, trumpet master Jimmy Owens, and piano phenom Danny Mixon
  12. Leonard Bernstein. “Call me Lenny.” Really, he said that.
  13. Marc Darrow, MD, JD.  Long story, buy me a vodka.
  14. James Carville. My hero.
  15. Ed Koch. What can I say?
  16. Cokey Roberts. Classy lady.
  17. Hide Tanaka. New York’s premier jazz bassist
  18. Joe Lapchick. Boston Celtic star. Knicks and St. Johns Coach
  19. Chris Moneymaker. 2003 WSOP Champion. He started it all.
  20. Governor Christie Whitman. Nice lady. One big mistake.
  21. Skeeter Beebe. World Duncan Yo-Yo Champion. This story will cost you several drinks — worth every penny.
  22. Chi Coltrane. Much more talented than her one Top 40 Hit would imply.
  23. Danny Walsh. Frightening tenor sax player. And Julian Philips, owner of The Sound Bit; former WPIX reporter
  24. Junior Mance. Unparalleled legendary jazz pianist and special human being.
  25. Michael Howell. Dizzy’s Bassist, currently playing amazing guitar.
  26. Shari Lipski. Malinois breeder/trainor.  Mommy to one of Bear’s puppies. (For ‘Person of Interest’ fans only.)
  27. Fukushi and Chihiro Tainaka. The most musical drummer I’ve ever heard, and his fabulous vocalist wife.
  28. Jon Heffelfinger, award-winner film creator; and Gloria Clayborne Mance, Junior’s wife
  29. Brooklyn Dodger great Roy Campanella. I handed him my Yankee cap for an autograph. He laughed and signed.